About Us

We are one of the leading players of Instrumentation in India. Parent company Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. was formed way back in 1988 and since then have gone a long way in catering to measurement needs of industry.

We represent most advanced manufacturing companies in the world and have offices in different cities who visit industries and offer complete solutions for the need to measure any parameter.

Led by Mr Adarsh kapur who did his Masters in Instrumentation Engineering from BITS Pilani and was ranked first , Nevco Engineers Pvt. Ltd. has very experienced engineers in every office and give service for any application.

We also have full fledged service centres with engineers abroad at principals place for instant solving of any service issues.We take pride in even repairing instruments not supplied by us.Complete calibration facilities are available and it is made sure that any instrument which comes to us for service is repaired and calibrated in shortest possible time.

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